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15 January 2018
Konyaalti Embankment: traffic is limited

As part of the work on the project to transform the Konyaalti embankment, the road section is completely closed for traffic.

9 January 2018
Real estate in Antalya: prospects for development

"Summit of Urban Development" gathered representatives of the real estate sector of Turkey in Antalya.

22 December 2017
Real estate in Turkey: statistics for November

Turkish Statistical Institute published data on real estate sales in Turkey for November 2017

12 December 2017
The realtors must have an office and a license

The Minister for Customs Affairs and Trade, Bülent Tüfenkci, introduced a project to regulate the activities of real estate agencies in Turkey.

7 December 2017
There are more and more flights to Antalya

Officials of the aviation sector of Russia and Turkey signed an agreement on the appointment of a third airline, which will conduct regular flights on the route Antalya - Moscow.

5 December 2017
Real estate in Turkey: statistics for October

The Turkish Statistical Institute published statistics on real estate sales for October 2017.